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The first thing you have to take into account any injured in a traffic accident with injuries is that you should go to any medical center before 72 hours of the accident. If you do not prove the injuries in this period it will be very difficult for you to prove the causal link between the injury and the accident.

It is important to contact as soon as possible with a law firm specialized in traffic accidents so that they can advise us from the first moment on the steps to take to claim the compensation that corresponds.

It must be borne in mind that once the responsibility of the bus driver has been proven, the injured occupant will be able to receive compensation under the Compulsory Motor Insurance.

Bus accident when the culprit is a third party

When a bus is involved in an accident in which its driver is not responsible for it and the fault is that of a third party, we can claim the compensation that may correspond, in that case to the insurer of the third party responsible.

  • In these cases, the driver of the bus may have been injured, and may also claim the compensation that corresponds to the same as injured bus occupants.
  • The most common case is that of a vehicle or motorcycle that crosses the path of the bus, causing it to stop suddenly and violently to avoid the collision.
  • Occasionally, in these accidents, the vehicle that caused it runs away without stopping, so it is very important to prove very well how it happened.

In these cases we must have the testimony of the driver of the bus and even other passengers who have seen what happened, as in these cases will be charged for the compensation of the Insurance Compensation Consortium, which will only pay the same if It evidences clearly, mainly with an Attestation or Accident Part, as the accident has occurred and the intervention in the same of the escaped vehicle. The best car accident lawyer near me search here.

The rest of the steps to take in this type of accidents as occupants of a bus are the same as if the person in charge is the driver, and must also prove the dynamics of the same, the injuries suffered and any other damage that we want to claim derived from the accident.

We are specialized lawyers in traffic accidents in public transport

It is essential to have an accident as an occupant of a bus with the help of a Pittsburgh Injury Lawyers, P.C. specialized in this type of claims, who will advise us from the first moment on the steps to take.

In any of the cases, the compensation will be the same and the legal process will be the same. The Law establishes the obligation to present a prior extrajudicial claim and try to reach an agreement. If in three months there has been no such agreement, the corresponding lawsuit is filed and within approximately 6-9 months the trial will be held to determine the compensation that will correspond to the injured party.