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Why an Attorney Is Needed In Accident Cases Owing to the high number of cars on our roads, accidents have become a common phenomenon. Once an accident arises, it is advisable to hire the best attorney in the area. An attorney will help the client attain good compensation for the injuries suffered. A person should only hire an accident attorney after considering their fees in details. The fees charged will be determined by the lawyer who has been hired for the case. The kind of agreement entered by the lawyer and the client will also influence the legal fees charged. Unless the client pays an upfront amount, he will not be represented by some attorneys. The essence of the upfront fee is to cater for the amount that will be spent when litigating the case. There are numerous expenses which will be incurred in the course of filing an accident claim case. For instance, there are courts filing fees which are needed when filing the case. The client will also have to pay the cost of serving the court summons. Unless the court summons has been served effectively, the case cannot commence. The upfront fees will also cater for the money spent on medical records. The upfront fees will also be needed for the filing of police reports. For the personal injury attorney to pay the court reporter, the upfront fees are essential. Some of the upfront fees that are paid to the attorney will also be used for paying the expert witnesses who appear in the matter. The contract signed between the attorney and the client will regulate the manner in which the fees are paid. Unless the fees are paid, the attorney will not represent the client. There are firms which pay all the expenses required for the court case to proceed. However, such personal injury firms will deduct the amount spent after an award has been given.
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More often than not, the personal injury firm will deduct thirty three per cent of the money that has been given as an award. For most clients, the method used for charging the money is a deal breaker. The attorney should deduct his fees from the net settlement that has been made for the case. There are instances when the contingency arrangement is not pure. An initial retainer is usually paid to the attorney.
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Once the award has been made, the attorney will proceed to deduct his fees. A preponderance of lawyers do not accept the flat fee arrangement for accident cases. When the case is not complex, the flat fee arrangement might be suitable. One of the core attributes of accident cases is that they can be very complex. A competent attorney usually helps the client when negotiating to get a fair amount for the case.