The 10 Best Resources For Survival

Lightweight Survival Gear For Hiking It is important to be prepared for an emergency any time you are hiking alone or with others. New and better survival gear comes out each year for the hiker. You are going to want lightweight gear if you plan on hiking for a long time. In an emergency setting the weight of your pack could make a huge difference in survival. Your bag, shelter, and sleeping bag will be the heaviest items you carry. You can purchase a small lightweight tent that will hold one to three people easily. After your tent, a sleeping bag that is also lightweight should be added. The temperature rating of your sleeping bag will matter as it gets colder at night. You can find a ultralight sleeping bag will weigh very little and can be useful in the warmer months. Weighing just ounces, a sleep sack can be packed along in an emergency and will leave plenty of room for other survival gear. You will finally need to find a good lightweight backpack that will hold all of your survival gear and fit on your shoulders comfortably. The lighter items in your backpack will be your clothes, food, stove, and first aid kit. You can get a lightweight stove easily under a pound, which is most useful for boiling water. Dehydrated emergency food will require the hot boiled water from your stove. You can use a mess kit with the useful pot, bowl, cup, and cutlery to eat your emergency food if you want. These mess kits can come in at a very light weight because of all the different types of lightweight metals used. Along with your mess kit you should bring any emergency food you have purchased. You can purchase both freeze dried or dehydrated food packages that are easy to carry and lightweight. Clothing that absorbs a lot of water, like cotton or other natural fibers should be replaced with lighter synthetic clothing. Along with your clothing and food items, a first aid kit should be packed as well. In your first aid kit there should be basic bandages and topical medicines.
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You can reduce your weight even more by purchasing survival gear items that are small or fit on key chains and belt loops. Some of these items might be a powerful flashlight the size of a thumb or a multi-use key chain tool. A priority should be to find the smallest and lightest tools available for use. While experiencing an emergency situation you may need to run or walk for a very long time. Surviving an emergency is a reality with a lightweight and useful backpack.The Beginner’s Guide to Resources